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The MBA Program of Fatima College, Organised a National Conference on “INDIAN


1,2015.While delivering the welcome address Dr. Mrs.P.Uma, Director, MBA Program,

Fatima College stated the objective as to explore World class best practices and the way of

overcoming the challenges in the competitive world. Rev. Sr.Dr. K.Fatima Mary, Principal,

Fatima College, mentioned that world class manufacturing is a collective term for the most

effective technologies and techniques to realize the objectives in her presidential address. The

Inaugural address was delivered by Rev.Fr.Francis Xavier, Director, Loyola -ICAM College

of Engineering and Technology, Chennai elaborated the present trends and requirements of

the competitive manufacturing sector. Sustaining quality is the way of life was the point

emphasized by Mr.B.T.Bangera, Managing Director, Hitech Arai Ltd, in the key note

address. Prof.P.Saravanan, Assistant professor, IIM Shillong, presented about the venture

capital management and equity reforms as a special address.


Dr. Rajesh Panda, Director, Symbiosis Institute of Business Management Bengaluru, shared

his views on economics and policies in relation to Indian world class manufacturers. He

threw insights on certain comparison between the past and present GDP contributors from

various sectors to emphasize that service sector are the major contributors to reduce the

current account deficit. Liberalisation and service sector flourishment were the reasons for

the need to become world class manufacturers as per his views. The challenges to become

world class manufacturers in his perception are unskilled and semi-skilled labourers, Rupee

value depreciation, resistant to change, Governance, Investment gap, lack of proper

infrastructure etc. He suggested changes in industrial policies, labour/industrial friendly laws,

encouragement of MSME’s and bringing down investment gap through FDI.

Mr. Nawas Babu, C.E.O., S.A. Knitwear’s Pvt. Ltd.,Madurai, expressed his views on the

importance of employment opportunities in start-ups. He discussed about the current scenario

in manufacturing sector. He mentioned the flaws in our manufacturing sector such as

outsourcing, man power management etc. He concluded that India is a balanced economy

which has opportunities for further development.

Mr. KR. Gnanasambandan, Managing Director, Green(India) Laboratories Ltd., CEO &

Trainer, AATHMA, emphasized on the need for World Class quality for different classes of

customer. The guest speaker put forth certain requirements to be world class quality leaders

such as bench marking, safety, and standard. While considering certain requirements he

highlighted the challenges of Indian Manufacturing Sector in Global market.

Dr.R.Venkatesakumar, Associate Professor, Department of Management Studies Pondicherry

University, related the topic to strategies of various global and Indian firms that compete at

World Class manufacturing. Core competencies required as per his views are SCM, product

development, employee engagement, etc. He illustrated the globally competent Indian firms

such as JCB, Saint Gobin, TVS sundaram clayton, MRF, Cavin care, SAIL, ISRO launch,

etc. He emphasised on the need for continuous improvement.


A separate session as Alumnae Interaction was organised on the same day where they shared

their corporate experience. Along with them Prof.P.Saravanan, Assistant professor, IIM

Shillong and Mr. Jayakumar, Senior Consultant, Tamilnadu Council  for Enterprise

Development (TACED) and The  Director of SVN College, discussed on the role of the MBA

programme to cope with corporate. Mr. Jayakumar presented about the MoU with the

department. Prof. P Saravanan, emphasised on in industry institution interface. Alumnae had

a discussion on the best practices in their work place. Data base of Alumnae was also created

on the same day.


Presentation were made by participants from various institutions and the juries for the session

were  Dr. D. Ramkumar, Professor, Government Arts and Science College, Paramakudi and

Dr.Vijayadurai, Department of Management Studies, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai


The valedictory address was delivered by Dr.Vijayadurai, Associate Professor, Department of

Management Studies, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai. He suggested that the

institution to have tie up with some industries which enables students to get more exposure

and develop their skills. The special address was followed by Mrs.K.Mary Jacinta, Vice

principal (shift-II),Fatima College. She insisted on strong communication skills are to be

developed to become a vibrant leader in competitive world. She also told some tips to

overcome struggling of fluency in communication and added some ideas to face group


note :


With the instigation of industrial rebellion, Indian companies are using more turbulent,

dynamic and complex manufacturing strategies to compete successfully with World-Class

Manufacturers. The Indian world-class manufacturing is featured with Customer focus,

Financial reforms, Human capital, Quality, and Agility such as the ability to quickly,

efficiently and effectively respond to change.

 The objectives of Indian World-Class Manufacturing efforts are to maintain market share,

improving profitability and civilizing the firm's ability to contend in a global market place.

The future perspectives of Indian World-class manufacturing is lying on the focus of the

companies on Indian Development, Govt. Policies and New Regulation, Indian Financial

Reforms, HRM Development, Marketing Growth and Technology.

MBA Programme Industrial Visit

MBA Programme, Fatima College (Autonomous), organized an industrial visit for the first

year budding professionals on 22.08.2015. The visit covered three different plants in

Madurai. The visit started with office in Chokkikulum. There Mr. B.T. Bangera, Managing

Director, addressed the students about the organization. He stated that “In the initial stage, the

company was named as M/s Hi-Tech Ancillaries ltd. After the company entered into the

collaboration with Ms Arai Seisakusho Ltd, a Japanese Company. The company was renamed

as M/S. Hi- Tech Arai Pvt. Ltd. “ In his address he emphasized that the company follows

green policy which uses renewable energy as they have 24 wind mills in operation. He also

added that they have concentrated the vision and mission in the form of oath, as to be

implemented by the workers. The company adhered to “5S Strategy” which was brought into

practice by the Japanese company after its collaboration. He stressed housekeeping and

speediness are very much important for Quality maintenance and he added the single

determination motive is eventual for each and every member in the Quality circle team.

Secondly the visit proceeded to one of the factories of Hi-Tech Arai Ltd. located in

Kappaloor. There were two major departments, one is stores and the other is production. In

stores department, the raw materials which are needed for production were stored in racks.

The organization follows weekly production planning system and automatic weighing

systems. The information related to stock were updated in their system and it has manual

entry too.

In production department, bucket master weighing process is used which refers to the

computer that weighs the raw materials (Chemicals) needed for production. Once the

required raw materials are weighed and ready for production process. they are sent for


The rubber components produced were packed and sent to Poovandhi factory for further


The industrial visit to Hi-Tech Arai ended up with a last visit to the factory Poovandhi. The

unit undergoes molding of rubber pieces into seals to be used in all kinds of automobiles. The

factory had 110 molding machines which moulds about 200 components. The rubber pieces

were given vacuum pressure along with the heat to bring it to a desired mould and over which

the lubricant was sprayed as an antiseptic agent. The operators were given with molding

process specification sheet which differs with the molding Machines and also the target to be

achieved for the day.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Workshop on Child Rights and Business Principles

The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) collectively organized a workshop on “Child Rights and Business Principles” for the students of MBA and for corporate executives, in JC residency, Madurai. Five students from II MBA participated in it. The session was inaugurated by Mr. Mathew John, Executive officer of CII, which was followed by introduction of the resource persons for the day. The workshop was based on “Child Rights & Business Principles (CRBP)”. Mr. Sekar gave an Introduction about CRBP and the approaches to CRBP which was very informative. This was continued by Mrs. Sugata Roy, who briefed about the role of Stake holders in the current business Scenario in India. The CII & UNICEF also made an action plan to implement CRBP in Tamil Nadu for the
welfare of the children society. Mr. Ramkumar, member of UNICEF concluded the session by delivering vote of thanks. The workshop proved to be informative and interesting session.The Students experienced a fruitful interaction and learning.

Guest Lecture on “Know yourself”

The Department of Management Studies organized a guest lecture on “Know Yourself”. Mr. P.Kumar, Managing Director, Ad India Pvt. Ltd. was the recourse person. The thoughts he exhibited was mostly focused on self – pride in women. He encouraged the students community to take up challenges in order to come out in flying colours. The spark that kindles the hearts of the students was to develop passion in whatever they do and accomplish personal success. To be a better individual a person should be optimistic, humble and should have the thirst for knowledge guest the main barrier that he mentioned was lack of communication skills among the students. The solution that was put forth by Mr. Kumar was to initiate interest towards group discussion in colleges. He concluded with a note stating to be happy with whatever a person has in her life.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Guest lecture on HR consultancy

Ms.Kalavathy and Ms Jerushah Princy HR consultants, Chennai delivered a guest lecture on “HR Consultancy” on October 24, 2014. Both were the alumnae of the department. They shared about their career growth Ms. Jerusha, Senior HR executive at Flextonics briefed on the  challenges that a fresher would face in the corporate world and mention some of the strategies to be adopted in the corporate culture like grabbing all the opportunities, being competitive, out of box thinking and interacting with people.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Experience America

Experience America was conducted on business plan by U.S Consulate General on september 9,2014

International conference

The advent of social media is dramatically changing the way of the service sector in the country. This industry is competitive and dependent on creating mutually favourable relationship with customers. The objective of the conference was focused on improving the reach of Social media as a tool that enhances marketability for social sector. The ultimate objective of the conference was to explore the man oeuvre of social media in the service sector.